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Consulting Services

Not ready to hire a broker?

Consultation services are available for when your brand needs answers to industry questions, but you are not yet interested in hiring a broker. New-to-market brands in need of consultation on the P's of CPG: Product, Pricing, Promotion, Placement and People (Retailers & Distributors) can engage this service.

Need a Product Evaluation?

Looking to launch a new line and just want an honest evaluation of where to go next? Valk Sales offers the opportunity to have our team review your product, packaging, competitive brands in our markets and distributor /direct pricing. Depending on level of consulting, we can provide in depth next steps to explore and where our experience tells us it should succeed. No strings attached.

Best way to partner with distributor?

Looking for ways to best partner with your distributors large and small without losing profitability? We believe selection of the right distributor programs for your customer base can make-or-break your marketing spend. Let's make your distribution profitable.  Win-Win is our goal for your business and partners. 

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